"The Intentionality framework has allowed me to create congruence between my head, my heart, my wallet, and my calendar. I am now more intentional about how I prioritize what's important in my life in line with my values and the results have been ten-fold!"
 - Ian MacGregor, CEO, Skratch Labs
"A few months before I started working with Finnian a friend said to me, 'breath is life...it encompasses everything.' All it took was one session in the Intentionality program to open this knowledge to me as well as the whole intentional living philosophy. It’s opened up a whole new world and way of life for me!" 
- Ret Taylor, Co-Founder, Ned & Co.
"By going through the Intentionality Program I am now seeing how all of the systems are working and I feel really proud! My relationship with money has changed from being emotionally charged and feeling like I have to work harder to a sense of peace, pride and confidence. I notice I'm being more intentional about how I think about money and the result is empowerment in my financial decisions." 
- Jaime Hogan, Principal Strategic Planner, Waverly Council
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